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Goods in Transit Insurance

The principal purpose of Goods in Transit insurance is protect against loss, damage or theft and if you are carrying your own property the risks may seem self explanatory. You will expect to be protected whilst your goods are in transit through various modes of transit, be it road, rail, carrier or post.

If you are a haulage contractor you will need the appropriate cover to protect your liability for loss or damage to the goods carried.

What could happen?

Whilst goods are being transported from one place to another there is a risk that they may be lost, stolen or damaged. If you are carrying your own goods you will want to safeguard the property; for instance, having insurance cover in place should some valuable stock be damaged during a road traffic accident.

If you are the haulage contractor carrying someone else’s goods your customer has every right to expect you to safeguard the goods and may claim compensation if they are stolen, lost, damaged or delivered unreasonably late. Without the protection of Goods in Transit insurance, you and your business may face considerable financial loss.

How we can help?

Typically, this kind of insurance may be more complicated than it may first appear and we have the expertise to help you to arrange the most appropriate cover for your needs. Goods in Transit cover is often automatically included within a commercial package policy and can be an optional extension to a commercial combined policy. Stand-alone policies are also available.

As with all types of insurance, the protection of Goods in Transit depends on the risks involved and certain goods will attract higher premiums or special conditions. With our knowledge and expertise we are well placed to help assess the cover that you need and negotiate favourable terms with insurers.

In certain situations you may require a more flexible cover and may need to consider a Marine Cargo policy.

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