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Property Owners Landlords and Buy to Let Insurance

As a landlord your aim is probably to generate an income and gain capital appreciation through property investments. Buying Property Owners/Landlords insurance is the best way to provide you with peace of mind by protecting your property portfolio investment against unexpected events.

What could happen?

Consider if one of your properties suffered flood damage and could not be occupied for a number of months whilst it was repaired? Without insurance, how would you fund the repair works and cover loss of income?

Many situations could occur, such as a tenant suffering serious bodily injury due to an unsafe staircase. As a landlord you have a legal responsibility to provide a safe environment. How would you cope without insurance protection when faced with a substantial Public Liability claim?

How we can help?

We are able to provide insurance that covers all types of commercial and residential properties with the following sections of cover available for inclusion:

Buildings insurancecovers property damage resulting from fire, flooding, subsidence, storms and many other risks. It can be extended to cover accidental damage if not included as standard.

Property Owner’s Liability insurance – covers legal fees and compensation payments in the event that a person suffers death or injury and it is established that you have been negligent.

insuranceprovides cover if your fittings or contents within your property are stolen or sustain damage.

Loss of Rent insurance – following insured damage provides compensation in the event that you lose your rental income through your tenants having to vacate the property and not paying rent.

Further additional cover extensions may form part of the insurance package offered, or separate policies may need to be considered when reviewing your individual requirements. For example, these may include Terrorism, Legal Expenses, Cyber, Directors and Officers Liability and Engineering Inspection.

Why customers choose Marlow Gardner & Cooke

We’re not a call centre, we don’t have call queues You talk to the same people; you know them, they know you We listen but also ask lots of questions; we tailor your solution around you We take ownership of problems and respond with solutions You can be confident your insurance has been set up correctly You can meet us face to face at our office or on site Our service includes risk management advice and claims support

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