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Property (Material Damage) Insurance

Commercial Property insurance covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your business premises, or replacing your stock or equipment. It covers you against risks such as fire, flooding, burst pipes (escape of water), falling trees, storms, riots, impact, subsidence and theft. The two main types of Commercial Property insurance are Buildings & Contents.

What could happen?

Buildings Insurance - Buildings insurance covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your business premises if damaged or destroyed. You should always insure your business premises against the cost of rebuilding the property, including professional fees and the cost of clearing the site, which is often different to its sale price or market value. If someone else owns the building your business is in, you should check with the owner that insurance is in place and refer to the terms of the lease.

Contents Insurance - Contents insurance covers the cost of replacing your stock or equipment if it is damaged or stolen.

You should insure stock against its cost price without adding any amount for profit. If there are any times when you have more stock on the premises (for example, just before Christmas), you should make sure the insurance covers this.

Cover for other contents, such as furniture, plant, machinery and equipment can usually be insured either on “indemnity” or “replacement as new”. If indemnity is chosen, wear and tear will be taken into account when settling claims.

It is important that you set your sums insured according to the basis of cover in the policy to ensure you are protected as you would wish in the event of a claim.

How we can help?

We understand that each business encounters different issues and we will tailor your insurance to meet your business needs. We will help assess your requirements and offer guidance on factors to consider when selecting your cover and setting your sums insured. The following factors will form part of this process:

• What property you have requiring insurance at each of the premises you operate from • Whether you have any property that requires insurance away from your premises, such as specific equipment, tools or computers • Whether you have any property belonging to others that you are responsible for, such as leased equipment, or items you are working on • What the extent of coverage is that you require • What linked insurances may be applicable, such as Terrorism, Computer and Electronic Equipment, Good in Transit, Marine Cargo, Engineering, Contract Works, Glass and Money.

Why customers choose Marlow Gardner & Cooke

We’re not a call centre, we don’t have call queues You talk to the same people; you know them, they know you We listen but also ask lots of questions; we tailor your solution around you We take ownership of problems and respond with solutions You can be confident your insurance has been set up correctly You can meet us face to face at our office or on site Our service includes risk management advice and claims support

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