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Marine Cargo Insurance

Whether you need an annual policy or cover on a single trip basis, we can arrange marine cargo insurance to cover your goods in transit, both internationally and domestically within the UK. Don’t be misled by the term “marine”, cover can apply to goods carried by road, rail, sea and air and can include both temporary and long-term storage during or at the end of the process.

What could happen?

This type of insurance can be used by anyone responsible for items on the move; including hauliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, importers, exporters and many more.

It can be tempting to leave the responsibility of insurance to others, such as a haulier or supplier, however, cover under transit and marine policies vary, so it is not always best to rely on the arrangements a third party may have in place. Some policies can be quite limited and may not cover an entire journey, for example, they may cover a sea voyage but not the journey to and from the port or at the port. Likewise the perils or events covered can be quite limited.

How we can help?

We have the expertise and knowledge to carefully review your needs and to establish the most suitable coverage and policy for your business activities. A marine cargo policy can help with various areas of cover including:

• UK inland transit and cargo cover for imports and exports • The movement of goods or commodities traded internationally and/or domestically • Storage in the ordinary course of transit • Warehouse to warehouse cover • Optional extensions available for storage outside the ordinary course of transit, such as exhibitions, sales representatives goods and samples, engineers’ tools and equipment • Events covered can include fire and explosion, accidental damage and theft, road traffic accidents, loss of goods, sinking, grounding and stranding, heavy weather and salvage charges

Why customers choose Marlow Gardner & Cooke

We’re not a call centre, we don’t have call queues You talk to the same people; you know them, they know you We listen but also ask lots of questions; we tailor your solution around you We take ownership of problems and respond with solutions You can be confident your insurance has been set up correctly You can meet us face to face at our office or on site Our service includes risk management advice and claims support

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