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Private Medical Insurance

Individual or family health insurance is a great way to safeguard your health should you become ill and need treatment. It can provide protection for the whole family, allowing you to bypass lengthy NHS waiting times and receive treatments promptly and conveniently.

Policies for individuals and families needn't be expensive, and you can choose the level of cover you require. With most private medical insurance policies, families usually opt to pay a monthly premium and the policy will then pay out should treatment be needed, subject to the levels and extent of cover provided.

What could happen?

While we are fortunate in the UK to have the NHS, the reality is that you can often wait months for diagnosis and treatment. Private healthcare not only enables you to receive treatment quickly, it can also offer more choice as a patient.

In an emergency the NHS is still the best place to be and private health care does not try to replicate it. What is does do is offer an alternative to the NHS should you need non-emergency treatment, usually in private rooms with their added home comforts.

How we can help?

We have the expertise to help identify the optimum cover to match your budget and can guide you through the entire process. There are lots of different plans to choose from and together we can review your individual needs and help source the most appropriate policy.

Various cover options are available, ranging from the more comprehensive policies with wide hospital lists and full outpatient cover, to the more cost saving based covers that can include the likes of limited outpatient cover, higher excesses and options to remain within the NHS system if treatment is available within a six week period.

Why customers choose Marlow Gardner & Cooke

We’re not a call centre, we don’t have call queues You talk to the same people; you know them, they know you We listen but also ask lots of questions; we tailor your solution around you We take ownership of problems and respond with solutions You can be confident your insurance has been set up correctly You can meet us face to face at our office or on site Our service includes risk management advice and claims support

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